Revolution in Haiti

Kreyol School movement

After the January 12, 2010 earthquake we gathered a group of educated young men and women for a dialogue about the future of Haiti. This dialogue eventually led us to this crucial question.  What kind of citizens Haiti will need in the coming years to facilitate its social economic  development? Once we answered this question,  we started to organize and train the teachers who would teach in the school that will have to educate a new type of students that can be future agents of change for Haiti.

This was part of the principles that influenced the original name of the school."Lekól Vizyon Modénn" (school for a modern vision). We believed that the type of students/graduates that Haiti will need to facilitate its development is a student that is taught in his/her maternal language to be a creative critical thinker that has full mastery of its social economic environment and applied knowledge. In the last eleven years our students have not failed us,  as demonstrated by the national standard exam results

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Haitian people have been screaming for change since the fall of the Duvalier regime in 1986. Since then numerous De facto government, 2 devastating earthquakes 2 coups and one assassination. The yearn for change remains and the political crisis continues to deteriorate. Is there any hope!? The answer my friends is YES. YES YES OR WI. WI. WI..


The kreyol school movement continues to be a shining example of the people's potential to make the necessary change toward excellence and social economic development without  external intervention. We have shown that all the resources to change the social political and economic situation are already in place in Haiti and they are bearing fruits on a yearly basis. In the last 11 years our flagship school in kwadébouké Haiti has demonstrated through its documented successes as a patented innovative school in Haiti. Our school continues to be a shining example of the Haitian we can do it spirit. We did not do it on our own .


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